Birdstown lite

4.2 ( 2342 ratings )
Educación Libros
Desarrollador Kristina Nedzvetskaya

Birdstown lite is an illustrated educational book which will introduce 4 birds to your children.

Book is good for children who already know the letters and whove just started learning to read, but it can also be interesting for others: the app is designed in such a way as to occupy and amuse every child.

Today there are 4 birds living in Birdstown: Seagull, Stork, Sparrow and Swallow.

Children will learn the names of these birds and how they are written and, more of all, will have a lot of fun exploring interactivity of this app: each scene have secrets opened with a tap and each bird has its own wardrobe with a lot of clothes for it to wear!

Record your own voice pronouncing a bird name or even a story and press horns to hear it while exploring a scene!

To enable interactivity make the name of a bird from the shuffled letters right or choose the Easy mode on the Settings page.

Help your children if they dont know some of the birds!

Please dont hesitate to contact me in English, French or Russian with any feedback or questions via support url or via email!

Love birds!